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I have been running OpenCart 1.5.6 for months, and it was setup for multistore originally, but only the second store was ever used. This has repeatedly caused issues with extensions, feeds, and more which has just got more and more frustrating. I really need to get my second store to be the only store and stop using multistore setup, but from what I have read their is no easy way. Any other posts I have seen about this I haven't seen any real answer besides it all has to be done manually, and it is not worth it.

Is this really the case? Do I have to mostly start from scratch and rebuild everything? I have basic PHP knowledge and some MySQL experience, but can anyone tell me how I can do this, or even a workaround or something to make my second store the default? My current setup is just headache after headache due to multistore, and the worst thing is I don't even need the multistore.

Thanks in advance, any suggestions, guides, walkthroughs, help or tips would be greatly appreciated.

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Yea this is unfortunately not going to be easy.. The database has a lot of places that need updating and most of it will need to be manual. If you would like to hire someone with more carnal knowledge of the database and how this all works, I am available for hire. I have done this once before with success so I've got a bit of a headstart on getting it done. It's mostly just the tedious bits that take time.

If you'd like a quote, please PM me and I'll send back a quote to get this done.


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