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Hi All :P
I've been battling for a good while now with the autocomplete in but it just doesn't want to work properly - it returns maybe the first 15 results in alphabetical order, but that's it - if the product isn't in that first few then it's just unselectable. Also if I type more than 1 letter into the autocomplete field it does nothing - no results at all.
To be honest I utterly hate the damn thing by now lol, so I would just like to get rid of it - totally and utterly - everywhere. I have trawled the forums but can't find a solution - there are a few commercial mods which partially remove it, but non that totally disable it and put things back to the way they where when it worked properly (ie a simple drop down list).
Just to be clear and save time - the Autocmplete Remover commercial vq will not do what I want and the author doesn't seem too interested in doing much with it judging by his responses in the comments.

The only other option I can think of is to revert back to an earlier version of opencart but that presents it's own problems (will it just plug into the current database? ). I'd rather not do that but I will if it's the only way to get the functionality I need to work - seems a bit daft though lol - I mean what on earth is it all about anyway - the drop down list worked fine - it wasn't broken lol, but autocomplete seems to be more trouble that it could possibly be worth ??? :drunk:

Any help will, as always, be much appreciated 8)


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