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Dear Community,

opencart looks very interesting to me, but before I'll start programming the template I wanna verify some things.

Most important for me is a credits system which can be charged via paypal and/or creditcard gateway.
The credits will be associated to registered accounts.
You can imagine a platform where I wanna sell a large collection of selfwritten ebooks, while only the paid accounts should have access to a restricted area on where those ebooks are downloadable. All other visitors or resgistered with no credits charged will see only snippets of the whole thing with description.

I need three different pricing/access levels:
3 months access for 15$
6 months access for $25
12 months access for $45

Is it possible to charge a credits contingent for specific sections restrictions?
The status of the charged amount will be checked via cron daily.
Clients get access links to all sites with the paid content - I'm not shure, is Opencart the best CMS for my needs or
would you suggest something else for building this selling platform?
For the moment I found a cms for selling files and maybe that's more what I need. Also I'm very sorry there's no feedback from this community since weeks.

Which modules / components would you choose to realise such a
"Chargeable Credit Contingent Management" with restricted access.

thanks a lot in advance



Thu Jun 06, 2013 12:09 pm
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