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I don't need to have both My account and Login because they both go to the same page, I know I can remove one of them in the header.tpl file, but where do I change the actual text? I want to changed Login to Login/My Account.


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This change be changed in the language file.

Location: catalog->language->english->common->header.php

Code: Select all

$_['text_account']        = 'My Account';
$_['text_welcome']        = 'Welcome visitor you can <a href="%s">login</a> or <a href="%s">create an account</a>.';
Change which ever you need to :D If you have removed one from the header.tpl file completely then just remove it from this file.

I hope this helped.

*Disclaimer: I hope I have been as clear as possible and helpful. If you are unsure of anything please ask I will be happy to help - I do frequently watch the posts I have posted in previously.

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