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Hi everyone,

I am running OC on a store with 10,000 products (and looking to add a lot more), it is on a dedicated server and is generally very fast to load.

Product pages load near instantly, as do information pages.

Where I am having trouble is with slow loading on the following pages:

Categories - all category pages (there is only 6 categories so far) are very very slow (10-12 db query times) i have disabled category counts and this has made a difference, but not enough of one.

Home page - Only when the "latest" module is present. If i disable this it is as fast as any other page.

Is this something to do with opencart looking to sort the products into an order that is causing it to be slow?

I have already disabled category counts for the menus and sub categories.

Does anyone else running a lot of products have any suggestions for fixes?

Many Thanks

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Post by MarketInSG » Tue Apr 30, 2013 7:20 pm seems that the problem is when you are querying for a list of product. Try caching the data with mysql cache. Do a search in the forum, I remember there's a post on it.

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