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dannyfoo wrote:
dannyfoo wrote:Just installed v1.5.0.3 and I've uploaded 2 new banners after the default Samsung. Renamed them Banner 1 (Samsung), Banner 2 (Cheese) and Banner 3 (Red chair).

But the slideshow loads; Banner 3, Banner 1 then Banner 2.

Advice on how-to make the banner load in order would be very helpful. Thanks. :)
Did you experience problems with the banner order as well? ???

I'm trying to understand where I went wrong and how to resolve this problem please.
It is the same with other banner rotators - like Home Slide Show - slideshow , an adaptation of NIVO slider.
Note that the images are in the correct order (1,2,3,1,2,3 etc.)
It just takes it awhile to load, that's why you don't see the first one or two slides.

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A primary function for our site is to have affiliates. The function in 1.5.0 to build affiliate links for specific items is nice, but a link to take them to the home page would be better.

Our store is and I've tried: ... filiatekey (just taking out the route=product..) but I can not tell if it is working.

I would agree that it would appear that it should create a session/cookie, but it's not really very clear since it's not a default option. Can anyone tell me if they have tried this and had it work so that any purchase would reflect on the affiliate key passed as in my example above?

Overall I think 1.5.0 is a VERY pro shopping cart and I recommend it to everyone, but the affiliate module is my only stumble...unfortunately it's an important stumble.

Thank you one and all!!




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