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OpenCart v1.1.6

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 8:48 pm
by Daniel
This release fixes these bugs:
Fixed more "date_available < NOW()" problem
Fixed subtracting stock on checkout
Fixed Print order page in admin
People need to now switch off magic_quotes_gpc (It causes problems manually striping slashes on windows servers)

I've also changed the download page so you no longer need to enter a mask. The system will automactly append a random string to the end of a file.

To Upgrade:
1. First off backup your site.
2. Download a backup of your database.
3. Delete the files in your hosting directory
4. upload the files from the download.
5. go through the install as normal.
6. once the install is finished import the database you backed up. (make sure you don't delete the product_option tables I have added in the v1.1 release.
7. goto the image directory from the backup and copy all the image and upload to the image directory on your hosting.
8. Goto the admin and go through all your products and re-add and options you had.

9. Enter this in your SQL admin:

ALTER TABLE `order_product` ADD `product_id` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL AFTER `order_id`;

Alternatively you can use a product like beyond compare to view the changes between the old and new version.