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Well, you seem to be waiting for the ultimate Thing, for a good while already,
as it looks! :laugh: But I'm afraid, that's not gonna work out, as planned, because OC
is a steady ongoing Project, a latest FINAL Version will therefore never exist. :choke:

But just don't take it personally, and don't be upset, because, they owe you nothing,
not even an explanation, because OC still comes for free, and without obligation. And
if you would really have a Problem with your v., why did you never write about
it around here? Others like me would sure like to know about, if really one exists, related
to OC, and not only some Mods. Or you could at least have updated the ~20 Files, slightly
changed in the last v., to still fix existing
Misses !? ...

Then, you would have a proven working System, except for, if you changed or added
some third-party Code. Which then would still not be an OC v.1.5.6.x Problem either ...


PS. Nothing personal, I just heat up a little, if my beloved Version is beeing
talked down, for most likely no good reason at all ... ::)

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