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Affiliate Reports missing in Version 3???

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2020 8:02 am
by DaveRiba
OK, this is puzzling
I have set up an Affiliate Program and succesfully signed up Affiliates who are generating sales.
Now I want to know how much each Affiliate sold, so I tried to pull up an Affiliate Report.
According to an online search, OpenCart documentation (Version 2???) says:

Affiliate Commission Report
The Affiliate Commission Report can be accessed from Reports>Affiliates>Commission in the administration. This report lets you keep track of the affiliates who are making a commission for referring customers to the store.

I am running and an Affiliate Report is nowhere to be found.
Researching the forums I see requests for this going back to 2018, but no real answers.

The Affiliate Reports disappeared between V2 and V3 ???????
Why on earth would anyone expect to set up a program and not be able to monitor progress?


Re: Affiliate Reports missing in Version 3???

Posted: Thu Nov 05, 2020 10:35 pm
Affiliate Transactions for openCart 3
In openCart 3 affiliate transactions are merged with store credits. This module brings
back separate affiliate transactions, as they used to work in openCart 1 and 2. If, for
example, you are paing your affiliates with cash, while store credits are being used in
orders and not in cash withdrawals, this module allows you to do that. At the same time,
it's possible to convert affiliate transactions into store credits if you wish to do so, either
automatically, or manually by users, while still maintaining complete affiliate transaction history.

The module also brings back removed in openCart 3 Affiliate Transaction Report, similar to the
one openCart 1 and 2 used to have. ... n_id=35129