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I'm trying to upgrade my site which is currently running version 1.4.7 to a more recent version that will allow mobile optimisation. I'd be really grateful for any help/ tips/ links people have to help me do this.

Many thanks,

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Well, regardless of what later Version you select, the CONTENT
of your Database will have to be made work with that specific
OC Version. And if you change Main OC Version Numbers, you will have
to start , to first get familiar with general ADMIN Handling again . And
if you decide to select the latest OC v.2.x Version, and you have
some technical knowledge, you could use something like this (untested!),
created by famous PEKU, to probably achieve such a change:
OpenCart-Migration-Upgrade-Tool ... grade-Tool
But if you decide, to settle with the latest v.1.5.x Version, to keep the
familiar Touch of the Administration, and it's simplicity, proven security
and performance, (up to tested PHP-7.2x so far) you could use something
like this:
based on the latest and best ever (Release Candidate), equipped
with the near-perfect responsive and speedy Bootstrap Theme, created
and once offered by

The MERKENT THEME based Version OC Code is a little more efficient,
compared with the STOCK OC Way of doing things, because it uses a
genious technical concept, to build all of it's Listing Pages with 'common'
Sub-Sections, so dramatically speeding up such routines, in addition to
guarantee an 'overall' exactly similar looking visual Impression.
Changes can therefore be made in One File only, to then be
valid for All Sections, where such Code is used.

It's actually the technically most perfect Solution, and should be
standard in default OC Software for a long time already. :'( It was
mentioned once around here, a long time ago, but never realized
so far ...

The Merkent Install consists out of a dark and a bright Stylesheet.
Or something like this, PEKU's slightly modified v.,
to be able to use 'original' OC v.2.0.x -type styled Theme Code. Many
free OC-2 (default styled) type Themes exist, and usually, it only takes
a Stylesheet from another 2.0.x Theme, possibly an adapted Custom
Theme header.tpl File, and also some Pic's, to change the
Layout within certain limits.
You can use the Theme Switcher, to get an overal Impression on
the Themes, as it can be seen here:
Themes are NOT optimized, and some Misses are possible !!
A possible Disadvantage could be, that this Versionit CANNOT
handle recurring Paymments, if someone needs that function.
To upgrade most any DB to any other Version, PEKU offers such
support for a cheap 20 Bucks: ... n_id=24347
Or then, check the EASTERN EUROPE OC Scene, to find
even more 'enhanced' PRE-OC-3 Versions: ... -cms-v23x/
Let me know by PM, if you are interested, to get one of the
above mentioned free basic Bootstrap v. Versions,
if you decide on such an Upgrade. Or then, find out, where
the 'latest' (private) Release of either a v. or v.
Version exists, most likely to be found on, to at
least so have the most important Fixes already installed.

Also note, that your existing OC Extensions will have to be
made work with any later OC Version Code.

Good Luck! ;)

I'm rarely still active at the OC Forum. To reach me, contact:
A Demoversion of my free OpenCart LIGHT v. Software Edition
can be seen in real Action here:
1'000+ FREE OC Extension-Repositories - from OC v.1.5.x up,
on the world's largest OC-related Github Site:

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Post by dragonfly » Fri Jun 07, 2019 7:06 pm

thank you very much for the detailed reply
I am looking at your links and considering how best to proceed
many thanks! :)

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