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I have been trying to upgrade my OpenCart store from version 1.5.6 to 3.0.2 but after uploading the files to the FTP server I get an error when i go to the install page (http://<>/install) : "The page you requested cannot be found!"
I have been following this tutorial: ... easy-steps
Any ideas what could be the cause of this? Or even how to solve it?



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Post by IP_CAM » Thu Oct 11, 2018 1:16 am

Well, there is no such Thing as an UPGRADE from OC 1.5.6.x to 3.x.x, as
it has been mentioned a few hundreds of times around here already. ::)
And sure not, by placing such an 'upload' into an existing OF 1.5.x Software.
The only 'updatable' Code would be the Content of a Database, but even
this requires, to adapt this DB Content to party newly named DB Tables and
Sorry about the bad News, you should have checked here, before doing it.
But one should never over-install a new Software into an existing Shop, it's
like scrapping an old, but running Car, before the new One has even arrived.

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This is a very tricky upgrade since you are covering so many versions and large changes. If you'd like, you can reach out to us to upate this for you professionally / commercial work at

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Please check your PM.


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