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Hi community,
OC Version: 3.0.2
Query: layout route general info.
I have doubt on what to write in route field of layout page as i am making a new layout. here,, i got the info that
The route is the folder name that the layout files are included in. OpenCart knows to search for the folder under /catalog/view/theme/default/template/ in the store directory, so only the folder name is required.
Now, if see the different preinstalled layouts, some have the "folder/%" structure, i believe meaning for anyfile in that folder, and some have what i guess is "folder/file" structure.
I am making a new layout based on Categories, so I guess i will duplicate the existing route, being "product/category", the folder/file structure
But, if i read the quote, this route is for the default theme, and i can only choose for store in my layout editing page, not for theme. So what if i have a customized theme? or is not for default theme if not current theme?
How does that work?
Thank you all for your help

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