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Hi. Can anyone point me in the direction of any instructions to copy the default theme to include twig files in version If I follow the old instructions and upload a basic set of files to catalog/view/theme/{new theme name}.. I can select the new theme folder from the admin panel from extension/extension/edit theme but when I use the theme editor no changes are made. Am I assuming correctly that new themes should be able to be modified from the theme designer ?
I have now managed to load the twig files from my theme by activating the theme in the system/settings - edit - Theme dropdown. But if i try and enable the theme in Extensions/Themes(2) I get a HTTP error 500. I have also made new files in the following folders:

admin/controller/extension/theme/{name}.php ..... I have changed reference from /theme/default to /theme/{name}

admin/language/en-gb/extension/theme/{name}.php ..... I changed theme title

admin/view/template/extension/theme/{name}.twig .... no changes

I now also get an error when I view the site - a blank page with the text-> Error: A theme has not been assigned to this store!

Any ideas folks ?

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Well, I just hope, that you don't plan to use an older version Theme, and just
rename all it's file-extensions to .twig, to then be able to use it in an OC v.3 :choke:
It would just not function, TWIG is no longer PHP !
Good Luck! ;)
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<div id="content" class="<?php echo $class; ?>"><?php echo $content_top; ?>
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<?php $class = 'col-sm-6'; ?>
<?php } else { ?>
<?php $class = 'col-sm-8'; ?>
<?php } ?>
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<div id="content" class="{{ class }}">{{ content_top }}
<div class="row"> 
{% if column_left or column_right %}
{% set class = 'col-sm-6' %}
{% else %}
{% set class = 'col-sm-8' %}
{% endif %}

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Thanks for the info




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