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Hi Folks:

Sorry, I'm a newbie. I apologize in advance for my newbie question. I did a search for the topic before having started this message, and I'm not even 100% sure what I'm looking for.

My company's web developer is trying to finish a project by adding a top-level menu to our OpenCart site. We can't see how the menus are generated. I see that there's a programming language Twig, and that there are plug-ins to assist with menus. The ones I've seen so far either don't work with our theme or aren't compatible with 3.0.

Is there a simple link for seeing how the menus are generated, and a quick way to add a top-level menu item?



Wed Nov 13, 2019 5:10 am

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To include a category in the top level menu you just click the TOP in the category

Admin -> Catalog -> Category -> Data tab -> Top

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If you are looking to add something else to the menu, you have to modify the catalog/view/theme/xxx/template/common/menu.twig
If you are looking to add a new menu as well as the existing one ... n_id=33048 can do that

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