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OpenCart Version:
PHP: Results same in 7.2.4, 7.1.26, 7.0.33
Test Environment: MAMP Pro 5.x

Trying to see if others have found a solution but from start to finish, the FedEx module seems to not be set up for any kind of success. I've searched these issues and did find other threads, however, nothing recent for OpenCart 3.x

Issue 1: FedEx services not saving in back end.
After saving services through Extensions > Shipping > FedeEx, nothing seems to save to database. I was able to find a quick work around following another thread that lead me to updating:

/admin/controller/extension/shipping/fedex.php ... /fedex.php

/admin/view/template/extension/shipping/fedex.twig ... fedex.twig

However, these are not geared towards OpenCart 3 and more OpenCart 2. It technically allows you to select your services, but obvious interface bugs. Anyone with OpenCart 3 solution?

Issue 2: Fedex Rates return different format than expected

Upon initial Step 4: Delivery method, getting this response:

Code: Select all

Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in [root directory path]/catalog/model/extension/shipping/fedex.php on line 186
So I went into the following file to print out the Curl response from the initial API call and this printed out:


Code: Select all

Request was successfully processed. Request was successfully processed. [goes on to list all rates returned in a single string no spacing]

I replaced the super long string, but I think its suffice to say it gives us an idea that its at least working, but doesn't return in expected format? Anyone any idea whats going on here, would very much appreciate any sort of insight, thank you!



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Problem isn't with extension itself. Judging from other similar reports, FedEx changed their API and apparently all previous extensions stopped working.

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