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Hi - I'm trying to modify my product admin page, by making changes to the relevant controller and twig, but nothing I do to either file, apart from deleting them, ever seems to have any's confusing the hell out of me. I can update the product list, no problem, and the headers, or other controllers - just not this one page.

I have caching turned off, and changes to other twigs and controllers are showing fine. So the facts are

1. Changing the file admin\view\template\catalog\product_list.twig shows changes in my product list view
2. Changing the file admin\view\template\catalog\product_form.twig never shows any changes in the product view
3. Adding a breakpoint anywhere in the admin/controller/catalog/product.php file never gets hit
4. Deleting the entire admin/controller/catalog/product.php file causes a 404
5. Deleting the entire content of the twig file makes no difference

Can anyone make sense of this for me and explain why deleting the controller immediately causes a 404, but no changes to the view or the controller ever seem to do anything?




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