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using Revolut as a payment method

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2019 5:07 pm
by aristosv
I was looking for a way to receive payments for purchased products on my opencart shop. Local credit card processing companies are too expensive, and PayPal charges way too much for each withdrawal. Plus your money is tied to PayPal.

Revolut offers an option to receive payments by sending someone a payment link. You define the amount of money you want to receive and it generates a unique link which you email to the person who just made a purchase on you opencart shop.

When they click on it, they will visit a website where they will provide some information and their credit card number, and voila! The amount you requested is now in your Revolut card. No charges and no fees.

So I modified "cash on delivery" payment method, renamed it to "Credit Card" and it simply informs the customer that once the order is placed, they will receive a Credit Card payment link. Job done!

The only minor issue here is that you have to generate the link and send it to the customer, which is a manual task. No big deal really, but ideally an opencart extension that talks to Revolut via API, and automatically generates the payment link for my Revolut account/amount, would be ideal.

I'm no developer so I'm just throwing this out there, in case someone wants to investigate if this is possible.