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Hi! I've been trying to enable Klarna on and off for the past few months, but I can never quite get there.

OC Version:
Theme: Default
Extension/Mods: A small selection, AJAX filter, search and checkout. I've disabled these but it had no effect.

Your query:
So, the very first thing is that I immediately recieved an JSON error javascript dialog upon entering the Klarna payment module extension settings. After a fair bit of googling around (most linking back to this forum), I managed to resovle (or subdue?) this popup.
I could see it relating to api/login and api/session, and in the alpha v.3.1 this XHR request is removed entirely.

I have followed instructions here:
And here:

And great, now I can save my klarna payment module settings and enable it. However, no Klarna option appear in the checkout.
Refreshed modifications, no effect. I emptied my entire cahce folder, no effect.

There is an extension under "modules" in addition to the one under "payments", and this one is also named Klarna Checkout. But, I cannot enable it, as it stays Disabled even if I try to.

My site is entirely on HTTPS, if that makes any difference.

Does anyone know what the next steps might be? Is the Klarna extension a lost cause, or is it verified to be working somewhere?

A link to your site:

Is it a single or multistore setup? Single store!



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