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I am looking to obtain a module that registered customers can use to be notified that product the want has been put on the store site for sale. This is most helpful for those who sell unique items like antiques and collectibles or for your customers who would buy if they added it to their want list.

The customer can input a key word(s) for something they would like to buy through their account on the “wanted list” - please this is not a request for the wish list which is for items already on the website and is used by the buyer as a reminder or a wish.

At a set time of night or automatically several hours later, an email notification is sent to any customers that have the key word(s) is available for sale. email has link(s) to the new item listed.

The admin should be able to keywords in admin area and be able to print out a CSV report of what is wanted.
Admin should be able to edit customer list.

Hopefully, I’ve not violated forum rules



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If no such extension exist to fit your requirements on the market, create a new service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get this done as a custom job.
Hopefully, I’ve not violated forum rules
While there are no defined rules for requesting customization or extensions on the Marketplace or 3rd party websites, the minimum requirements as well as instructions from the forum rules regarding those claims have been provided. In other words, based on your posted request above, you haven't followed the basics from the forum rules.

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