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I will buy you a coffee if you can help me, here goes.

I'm developing my personal store using OC - it's on localhost.

I'm modifying a FREE MOD done by Slava Chusoff, so it can work in OpenCart

MOD was downloaded from this topic, file posted by agatha65:

I managed to make it work (sort of) in OC but there is one slight problem (note: I'm not a coder).
I'm testing the ocmod.xml file by placing it inside the system folder.

The Problem
I can't load the:

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<meta name="robots" content="noindex,follow"
in category pages with URL Parameter; page, limit, order

Here's the ocmod code specifically made for OC 2.x:

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<file path="catalog/controller/product/category.php">
		<add position="after"><![CDATA[
		if (
		isset($this->request->get['page']) ||
		isset($this->request->get['limit']) ||
		) {

What's the right code for OC

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Post by mupcku » Wed Jan 30, 2019 3:50 am

I cant run it on ONLY on category page...

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