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Hi community,
OC 3.0.2
website: i disabled this extension for the moment to avoid altered experience for my visitors.
i installed ... load_id=55 and it is not working properly. it is one install.xml file contained in a regular file ( to install .

When i use development tools of my browser, it seems like index style (those included in the xml file) are not applied.
There is a script included in the file (the xml file) as well and it is not working for me as i get the following display:
PC menu view:
as you can see dropdown arrows are not placed where they should,meaning, just after "Xperiencies Park" for the first one and "Clubs" for the second one.

Mobile menu view:
"+" and "-" are supposed to dropdown or close sub-categories display and be at the end of the line containing sub-categories (top categories being the same as PC view)

1. I can't find the installed file. I can see this extension in my OC admin > extension > installer > install history, in OC admin > extension > modifications > General, but i don't find it browsing OC files. Any clue on where to find it and play with it?
2. Any idea on why it seems that style and script tags in this file are not applied on my website?
Thanks in advance for you help,

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Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:24 am
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