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I am trying to find the correct route and key for:
  • About us
    Delivery Information
    Privacy Policy
    Terms & Conditions
Using the: common/fouter route and only key I can find is 'Information'

2 Goals

Goal 1: Translate these keys

Goal 2: Editing the common/footer

I'd like to edit and cut down the footer, there is too many links but yet have no idea how to do it. I am able to remove certain links from the footer, but somehow the menu's also gets screwed by doing this. My knowledge of PHP is only very little, I'd like to have a footer with only:

Information (and the 4 keys I try to find)
Customer Service (and remove the sitemap key)
Remove all of Extras and it's keys
My Account (and remove Wish List & Newspaper key)

Any help for a rookie is appreciated! You can also choose to only answer 1 from my 2 questions (Goals)

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1st goal
from admin panel menu>catalog>information

and from file
you have to translate this file and put it to your launguage folder

for yous 2nd goal
its easy by comment <!-- foo --> whatever you want not to be seen from
file: catalog/view/theme/default/template/common/footer.twig

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