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The store I am working on is for a non-profit. As an incentive to encourage more donations, I'd like to offer free shipping for the customer's order.

So, is there a way to comp the shipping fee if a particular item is in the cart? In this case, I made an item called "$5 Dollar Donation". If that item is in the cart, I want all items to ship free. Shipping charged otherwise.

Am I reaching to far on this one?



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Two options for you:

1. If you want a $0.00 "free shipping" cost to show up on its own, you can do that with Category & Product-Based Shipping. You'd set up a 0.00 rate when a certain product was in the cart (using a Product rule) and then it would only appear to the customer if that item was in the cart.

2. If you want an automatic fee that will give a 100% discount on whatever their shipping option choice is, you can do that with Ultimate Fee/Discount. What you'd do is set up a discount like this, that is for 100% of the shipping cost, and triggers when that product is in the cart:

Title: Free Shipping Discount
Group: A
Charge Type: Shipping Cost
Charge Field: -100%
Rule: Product is $5 Dollar Donation

Feel free to take a look at the screenshots and demo site, and if you're interested let me know at if you have any further questions.

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