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Hi team

I have found session management vulnerability in your application.


Attackers will often attempt to exploit unpatched flaws or access default accounts, unused pages, unprotected files, and directories, etc to gain unauthorized access or knowledge of the system.

Such flaws frequently give attackers unauthorized access to some system data or functionality. Occasionally, such flaws result in a complete system compromise.
The business impact depends on the protection needs of the application and data.


1. Take 2 different browsers and sign in Opencart with the same account.

2.After successfully login goes to account setting and changes the password...

3.after the password successfully changed prompt has seen on the browser,

4. Go to other browser and refresh the tab the session is not getting expired

When the password of an account is getting change the session is not getting expire!

you can also see that the account is also working the same as before...


The server-side session should expire after the password is changed from one device

It should be log out from other devices automatically ones the password has changed.

Attackers can take old cookies to take over the account...

I hope it will be fixed asap...

Thanks & Regards
Mohammed Abdul Kareem.



Thu Jun 11, 2020 6:50 pm
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