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Checkout not working on Android 7?

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 7:43 pm
by sketchi
We have just noticed that customers using an Android 7 mobile are unable to complete a purchase because the email field fails in the checkout. The email address field does not validate, even though they fill in a correct email address. Same thing both when registering an account and checking out as a guest.

I suspect this is due to the input field being set to type="text" instad to type="email", because I've had that issue on other non-OpenCart sites recently. This also only happened on Android 7.

<input type="text" name="email" value="" placeholder="E-post:" id="input-payment-email" class="form-control">

I've tried changing type="text" to type="email" in guest.tpl and register.tpl in the theme, but then I get an error saying something along the lines of "Unexpected token" and "Undefined index: email in "../catalog/controller/checkout/guest.php on line 203" etc.

I'm not able to test things thoroughly as I don't have an Android phone myself, but perhaps someone else is willing to check this out to confirm this is really a bug in OpenCart and/or Android 7?

Using OpenCart and default theme.

Re: Checkout not working on Android 7?

Posted: Wed Feb 01, 2017 9:28 pm
by thekrotek
Android 7 is quite new and faulty. There's no problem in OpenCart forms at all and most likely problem's with Android 7. Ignore it for now and wait for new OS version.