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Just today my site suddenly crashed, To be prudent, I began to check any error messages, I will be the original files the are error message listed in this, I hope you can help assist, thank you!

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2016-06-29 15:52:04 - PHP Notice:  Undefined variable: product_id in /home/tyleetw/public_html/catalog/controller/account/wishlist.php on line 115
catalog/controller/account/wishlist.php on line 115

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2016-06-29 16:24:40 - PHP Notice:  Undefined index: override in /home/tyleetw/public_html/catalog/controller/api/order.php on line 767
catalog/controller/api/order.php on line 767

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				$this->model_checkout_order->addOrderHistory($order_id, $this->request->post['order_status_id'], $this->request->post['comment'], $this->request->post['notify'], $this->request->post['override']);
If you have the same problem, also welcome!
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