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Just recently I have been having issues with my site not releasing the database after inquiries (per hosting company) I haven't done anything other than add a few products in the last few weeks. Nothing has been updated or changed other that that. I have downloaded the error log and it is quite big. (5mb) I am having a hard time viewing orders because I will hit my max db connections, so my site will either time out or come back with an empty store. Someone please help me figure this out.

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just to prepare for a clean DB Setup first:
Step 1:
config.php Files in SHOP ROOT and ADMIN Section:
if this exists:
// DB
define('DB_DRIVER', 'mysql');
change to:
// DB
define('DB_DRIVER', 'mysqli');

Step 2:
Download Atomix legendary turbo.php File, unzip and upload it to your Server ROOT, and
start it by calling it trough your Browser. Then start BOTH ROUTINES,
the first one, changing ALL OC-default MyISAM DB-Engine driven Tables to the one (only) single and even
more efficient INNODB Engine troughout the DB, and second, indexing the full DB:

Atomix OpenCart TURBO OpenCart v.1.5.x - 2.x.x:

Then, come back and tell us more about possible errors,
still existing on your System.

PS: Atomix is not longer active on Github, that's why I keep the latest ZIP on one of my servers.

I am no longer active at the Forum. Please do NOT send me Personal Mails,
they will no longer be replied to.
My Github OC Site:
4'100 + FREE OC Extensions, on the World's largest Github OC Repository Archive Site.

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