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Can someone review the errors below and tell me what is going on? Sometimes I don't even get a notification email when an order is placed, but other times I do.

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2015-10-21 0:47:39 - PP_STANDARD :: IPN REQUEST: cmd=_notify-validate&mc_gross=22.79&invoice=270+-+Austin+Foust&auth_exp=16%3A47%3A34+Nov+19%2C+2015+PST&protection_eligibility=Ineligible&item_number1=PMAG&tax=0.00&item_number2=&payer_id=*************&payment_date=17%3A47%3A34+Oct+20%2C+2015+PDT&payment_status=Pending&charset=windows-1252&mc_shipping=0.00&mc_handling=0.00&first_name=888888&transaction_entity=auth¬ify_version=3.8&custom=270&payer_status=unverified&business=*****************-SE: VERIFIED
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Change 'authorization' to 'sale' in the paypal options (admin)
There's a manual action involved to capture the funds when the transaction method is 'authorization'.

And please remove the IPN log as there are personal details involved from your client :o

edit (the log went on :) )
cURL timeout, your server didn't respond in time so the IPN failed. This can have many causes but is usually an overworked server...

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Reason: OpenCart version 3+ ;D


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