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I had 2 customers tell me last night that they were having trouble adding items to a shopping cart. After speaking with them, I learned that both of them were using an iPhone to try and order. I was able to speak to one on the phone and she provided some useful information while on the phone with me. She is using an iPhone running IOS8, Safari as the browser. She was able to load the webpage for the particular item in question, but when she clicked on the Option Value, it would give an an error message, "A problem occurred with this website so it was reloaded." She says that it then just constantly reloads over and over again until the screen turns white and it says that it can't load the website. She navigated to the item via the category links on the lefthand side of the page.

I asked her to test another item with option values. But this time, she did a search to bring up the item. She searched for "Fail," clicked on the Epic Fail shirt, and was able to successfully choose an option value and add it to her cart.

I tried repeating the error on my Android, but it all worked as expected.

I then tried removing some of the option values from that item, to see if that could be the culprit, but she still was unable to click the Options. Whenever she touched the dropdown box, it would start the looping error.

I tried searching for "iPhone" on the forums, but didn't see anything similar to this already discussed. We are currently running OpenCart Version

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