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Hi guys,
Ever since the upgrade to 2.x, I am having the hardest time finding items that need to be modified because of the way the new search works. I log into the admin portion of the site, I mouse-over the second tab and click on Products. If I try to search for an item, or more importantly a group of items, the search no longer is useful at all. The search seems to only care about the first word in the title.

Let's say I have an item labelled "Small Pro Kit," "Medium Pro Kit," and Large Pro Kit." I recently changed something that is in all of these kits, and would like to pull them all up at the same time to make the alterations. With Opencart 1.5.x I could do a search for "pro" or "kit" and it would pull up all 3 of the above items (as well as anything else that shares the search term).

Now however, when I search for "pro" or "kit" I get a No Results reply to my query. If I know the exact title of something, I can begin typing it into the Product Name box, and Opencart with helpfully list all of the things that match the current text in the box. But only those things that start with the exact phrase that is in the box. "Small" will pop up the "Small Pro Kit" as well as any other items beginning with the phrase "Small" in the title, but nothing else like "Shirt - small" or Make-up small."

This is very frustrating, as I can no longer easily search the product database. ****In fact, after testing it, it appears that searching the customer database also has the same drawbacks too.**** Any help would be appreciated.

*** Update: the customer search database seems to work just fine I believe. ***

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You may want to try my free extension to solve this problem ... n_id=22568


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