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Hi - I have just been adding new products to my store and selected an existing product and clicked on the copy button at the top but instead of copying the product it deleted it. I have tried to copy existing products 3 times and each time it has deleted them without a warning message.

I am using

Can anyone help resolve the issue?

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Post by sterikal » Wed Jul 10, 2019 2:57 am

I have just checked my other website using and the same thing is happening on that too :-(

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Hello Marc,

Please once check the link of Copy product it must be catalog/product/copy and for delete product it is onclick="confirm('Are you sure?') ? $('#form-product').submit() : false;" So if you are using form action then you have to pass copy url as well otherwise you can simply pass url in anchor tag <a href="" ></a>

If you are using any Ocmod file for changes in core Product section then please have a look at that file, that might be overriding your copy url

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