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Uber CSV exports and imports the specials table in the database. I want to include the column "Sku" from the product table directly into the specials table.

Unless you have a better solution:
I have a spreadsheet with specials I export from my internal system (4 columns: sku, price, start date, end date). I need to update the specials on my website (over 80,000 products, perhaps between 5-10k specials per user group). The only common column is the sku. I have currently added the word "sku " before any sku number to avoid losing lead in zeroes, not all items from my internal system are online so there are some extra sku numbers.

Can anyone help? I figure there's gotta be an easier way than my way.

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For 80000 products, at this magnitude, I would recommend creating a service request in the Commercial Support section of the forum to get this done as a custom job.

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