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Hello friends,

I have a question.
I'm using Opencart and I want to add an automatic meta descritption in the header but as I have 4 different categories, the text has to be different for each one.

Basically, I want to use a something simple like:

if category id = 22 echo <meta name="description" content="product name and some text 1">
if category id = 33 echo <meta name="description" content="product name and some text 2">
if category id = 55 echo <meta name="description" content="product name and some text 3">

I know that categoryID of a product is not specified in the header.pho controller so I would have to add it there.
Additionally I need the product's name too which is not specified in the header.php as far as I know.

Can someone please tell me what to add to the header.php so that I can do what I have intenteded?
I did some search on the forum but have not found what exactly I need.
Thanks a lot!



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Post by IP_CAM » Fri Feb 15, 2019 10:15 am

You might find some help on such here. And if nothing exactly matching exists, you'll have
to get it made by a Dev, I assume. ... load_id=47

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