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I've copied the current site from the root folder into a dev folder and created a sub-domain, so that I can work on some major work on without messing with the production site, but I would also like to do the same with the DB.

I've already backed up the sql DB from the admin panel and I have created a new database on the remote server (dev-cl44-ocart (current production DB is cl44-ocart), but how do I import a copy of the production DB into a new table, so that the site will make changes to the dev-cl44-ocart and not the production one. I'm aware I also need to update the config in both root and admin folder.

I'm using phpmyadmin btw.


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Well, instead of doing this the IMCOMPLETE way, since your Admin Function
does NOT fully download a working DB, better COPY the DB with your Server Admin
MyPHP DB Tool into another new DB, directly, and IN FULL !
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