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I have a Joomla site with OpenCart for the shopping part of it. I have a login option on the Joomla main site (custom, i.e. not the built in Joomla stuff). So I want to send this username along to OpenCart when user clicks on 'buy' in the Joomla site front-page. The site sells a 'service' so when renewing this service it is necessary to include the username.
I already have it working inside OpenCart with a Custom Field. But how to I get from the Joomla site to OpenCart while passing the username? And since OpenCart has its own login then this should be auto-logged-in.

Can someone point me in the right direction? I can code but not super familiar with OpenCart. Can I pass it in the URL?
I am sure I am not the first one ever to have this issue. Are there any modules or anything that makes it easy?




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There're several components for Joomla, which integrate OpenCart into it - JooCart, for example. You'd better use them instead of separate installations of both frameworks.

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