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My problem is that my main page is onepage with only link to several stores in different languages but that main page is set to english and when click on some other store get the language from the default store not the language itself: -> English -> Greek -> Romanian

When visiting the logo is seen of the store and several options for countries that we work and want when it is clicked on the country that want to open that store in the language set in the admin panel, for to be Greek.
But when visit at first place the browser save cookie with language content EN and then all other sub stores open in that language.

The solution for 3.x is discussed is in this forum topic: /viewtopic.php?p=705164#p705194 which does not work on OC I did not find any working solution for this.

Maybe will help if make only language cookie to be expire in less then 1 sec or just make to not store that cookie?
Please if someone can help



Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:47 pm
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