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The biggest obstacle to opencart gaining popularity is that its just really hard to get started with. There's not much documentation, and there's a lot of "little" stuff you have to know first. Most of what IS on the web is outdated.

I'm working on writing a course for people looking to get started with module development. Send me an email at and if you promise to watch it and let me know what you think, I'll send you a copy :)

Its for version 2.3


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Most of what IS on the web is outdated.
Well, and a lot of knowledge already disappeared, and can only still be
found on as well, at least, according my Favourite-Listing ... :'(
But that's the consequence, when reaching a mature stage, for every
Project and/or Business, as more Pro something get's, as less 'ham spirit'
(Radio Amateur Slang) and Friends free help is part of it. By nature of Things! ::)
Its for version 2.3
Good Idea, ... but it might be a little late, and OC-Newcomers are unaware of the
fact, that many 'details' are still similar, globally + visually, in later Versions.
Good Luck! ;)

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