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anyone can help me with following?

We want to setup something like this:

1. A customer (not logged in) signs up for our newsletter through a popup-window.
2. This customer receives an email with a coupon with -10% discount on his first purchase.

Now I see the following problems:

We use about 99% guest-checkouts only, without registration, so users are not registered and propably will not, even when using the coupon we sent them for subscribing to our newsletter.

As far as I can tell, Opencart's built-in "use only x times per customer" feature won't work here as our customers are not registered users. Even if it checks for the Ip, people could use VPN, proxy and whatever to re-use the code again and again.

It would have to be a code generated each time when the email is sent and added to Opencart for one-time use.
A new one-time code for every new subscriber.

Does anyone know any modules capable of something like that? I have seen other sites use coupon-systems like that.

Or am I missing something?

I'm glad for any input.



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Unless an extension already exists on the Marketplace, the question here would be to know when the customer does not have a registered account, how will you be able to determine how many times this guest user has purchased the goods in the past other than by his email address? Even by email address, it won't prevent unregistered customers to create a new email in order to get those on-time purchased coupons.

One good way would be by using the anti-fraud system but in order to use that, at least one order must be created and completed which is how it usually works in order to provide features to people who have already purchased the goods before in a Business - especially if the coupon codes are unique per unregistered customers.

Another way to do it would be by grouping generated coupons by coupon prefixes representing each categories of products since products can also be copied over other categories from the OC admin and since the cart library class does not capture the categories along with the added products before placing those products into the order, there would be no way of knowing how many times these specific coupon prefixes would be used unless adding those categories references into the cart itself until the order has been completed.

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