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Hi there,

First I'm going to explain the problem as clear as possible. i'll use as example, since the actual website is not accessible at the moment.

I have a multistore with the next setup. Main store located at.
And others at,, etc

The thing is we activated the SEO URL's and everything seems to work fine except one thing.

On any of the subdomain stores, i access to a category/subcategory/product and works fine. For example All good.

The problem comes when i try to do the same on the main store. Same example.
In this case i access to and all is good as well. The moment i try to access one more nested category/product, this happens. All the URL's on the header, (CSS and JS) are trying to be located at I don't know why but the systems adds the category to the url. So all the js and css files, even images are not found on the directories.

OP Version

Thanks in advance, i've been trying to solve this for weeks.



Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:26 pm
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