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Seems like support from some of the developers, like the megamall folks is not working at all. Sadly.

Order history is one thing which I get a 404 from.
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Well, just don't take it personal, but look at it, as it comes:
OC is an Open System, similar to a FREE Do it Yourself Builder Car Set.
It run's, as it comes, if put together, as it should.

But just because one knows, how to handle a Screwdriver and a Hammer,
does not mean, that everybody will be able to make use of is, as planned, it
takes a certain basic 'Mechanics' knowledge, to install (build) it correctly. And
when it comes to install some of the HUGE amount of Accessories, matching
the broad amount of Versions available, then, it either takes a good Mechanic,
or then, one better get's someone else, to build the project in a professional way.

And when it comes to Custom Themes, by example a Journal Theme, one has to
accept, that a lot of Stuff will be added to a Stock OC, therefore, if problems exist,
it's mostly not even OC's Fault anymore, but rather a combination of two different
Extensions, resulting in Errors or total Failure...

OpenCart itself would never be able, to TEST any of the Extensions, built by Others.
And some of the Extension Builders even replace EXISTING BASIC Functions with their
own Code, so, an OpenCart Software may end up, containing a majority of NON OC

One could just BUY a ready-made Car. Or Software, but in real Life, such does not come
for free. So, either use OC, as it comes, for free, and install/use a second Test Shop, to learn.
Or then, get a Pro. Just, don't rely on 'annonymous' Fellows, dont forget, who's hiding, has usually
a good reason for.... :-*

Look at OC as a hobby. Learning by Doing is always a great way, to start a good business ! ;)
Good Luck,

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Post by bjal » Fri Mar 24, 2017 6:40 am

Some authors gives me support if I need to, some does not care one bit.
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Post by dolrichfortich » Fri Mar 24, 2017 9:16 am

List down all the issues you find then hire someone to fix it for you, not much else you can do right now.

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