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So here is the issue.
At checkout the customer puts in their credit card information. With all other browsers the result is flawless. Orders are processed, emails are auto sent, and we receive all the correct kickbacks. UNTIL….you try it with the Chrome browser. In this case the transaction in processed, Except that your email receipt does not have an order number on it, you admin dashboard does have the order number on it, and Chrome will sit on the checkout page and just spin. Instead of the 2 emails you get (one from the card company and the other from opencart.) The customer thinks it’s slow and will click checkout again, causing it to double charge. The page still will not refresh to the thank you page. (Just in Chrome).

Is this an Opencart issue or an issue with this browser? Solutions?

FYI – Check all error logs. Nothing on my end that I can see.
using version.




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It sounds like the first thing you should do is contact the payment gateway extension developer, but if that doesn't help you might need to post this in Commercial Support and pay a developer to investigate.

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