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I have my web site in FR and US
For the description all is OK, I get add text in FR or US, but for the UPC or ISBN, I would like to have in 2 different language.

Actually, he file accept only on language.

Is it available in 2 language, because its file that I add on product page and when the customer choice FR, the file must be come in FR and if the customer choice US, this file must be come in US

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Post by IP_CAM » Fri May 27, 2016 6:52 am

usually, some Content like shown below exists, just waiting, to be rewritten, to match your Wishes:

Code: Select all

$_['text_search']       = 'whatever';
$_['text_brand']        = 'whatever';
$_['text_manufacturer'] = 'whatever';
$_['text_model']        = 'whatever';
$_['text_sku']          = 'whatever';
$_['text_upc']          = 'whatever';
$_['text_ean']          = 'whatever';
$_['text_jan']          = 'whatever';
$_['text_isbn']         = 'whatever';
$_['text_mpn']          = 'whatever';
as well as in a similarly named ADMIN Language file:

Or then, just use a Tool, to manage your Translations:
Translate Mate free, OC v.2.x: ... n_id=23098

Good Luck ;)

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Post by agatha65 » Fri May 27, 2016 7:48 am

By default these fields are designed to add some code that is same for all languages.
If you want to use them for something custom that has to be brought to the product page you have to add some language verification in the product page controller.
For example use UPC for EN and ISBN for FR and check the current language in the controller to choose which one to display. Or add your custom data comma separated and in the product controller you can process it as an array.

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