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I apologize in advance, I know just enough to break things but not enough to fix them. My site was originally on Hostmonster, changed to Dreamhost over a year ago, but domain registration was not changed. Through a series of misunderstandings I was talked into adding hosting back onto my Hostmonster account, which took down access to my site. Nothing was changed at Dreamhost where my databases are, but it was pointing to Hostmonster. That was not supposed to happen, so Hostmonster had me change the domain registration over to Dreamhost (as it should have been done a year ago). Now when I go to I get this message Error: Could not load cache driver file cache!

Dreamhost says get a web developer, we dunno. What in the world did I do and how do I fix it??? I have no idea what to look for.

Thank you to anyone willing to point me in the right direction.



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Since you have moved host, you must check your "config.php" files.

The Catalog one is at the root of your site and the second is in the Admin folder.
These files contains all the paths to your website. If the paths are incorrect the webpages cannot be found.

You can edit them manually but you need to now the correct path to your server. If you don't know it, then you will have to do a clean install.

If you know it then check each "include" statements in the two files, like in this example:

Code: Select all

define('DIR_CACHE', '/home/www/');
In this example, the '/home/www/' is the path to your domain. The 'system/cache/' bit is where the cache files are to be found.

Once all the "define" are pointing to the right places, then your site will be found and displayed.

Hope this helps.

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