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I have a separate order list for a very specific set of orders. These orders have their own library>cart, php tables, controller, etc. We use this list to track subscriptions then, every 3 months, we push them to the normal order list built into Opencart. We use this rather than the Opencart recurring billing as we can't change the number of products the person subscribes to using the recurring billing system in Opencart.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a button on the order_list page that would, on select, go through and update all the order totals. (For instance, if we change the product weight that will change the shipping prices which would, in turn, change the order totals)

I was trying to look through the code to develop this myself, but I haven't quite figured out how the backend order system works (editing orders(order_form.tpl) and where that data gets sent). Any help on brainstorming or if an extension in the store would be beneficial would be appreciated. I'm having some difficulty getting started on this.

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