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Hey guys! Been couple years since been on here lol

Anyway what I wanted to know for Opencart 2.0. with regards to restricting Admin users. I know you can restrict them to sections i.e. Orders like view or edit etc.

The question I pose is this, until 100% integration is in place, we work with several distribution companies, where our stock is based (basically 2 or 3 warehouses). All different companies, now we wish for the users at the respective warehouse, to access, view and update ONLY the orders linked to that location / warehouse.

Is this possible?

A real life example for B2B use, we have Customer A who has 3 retail outlets (whom we supply to) at 3 different cities. Now we have a distribution / warehouse partner at each city or atleast close to them. However they are all different companies.

Now we would like to allow the warehouse partner to view only the order linked to that warehouse or something like that.

Will be appeciated!!

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