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I'm trying to setup an email account for my Opencart to send out confirmation emails and receive Contact Us emails. The problem is my email host is Hostgator and my webhost is a local web hosting company in my country. The reason i'm doing this is because many emails are getting bounced when i use my local web hosting company so i decided to get a new domain and host it with hostgator just for the use of sending/receiving emails.

I went my Opencart's Server>Mail and configured it as below
Mail Protocol: Mail (SMPT doesnt work. When switched to SMTP, after clicking the Submit in Contact Us, the page just goes blank)
Port 25

I'm getting emails fine however all of a sudden many mails are getting marked as spam by SpamAssassin and in those emails, its showing that its still being received by my local web host's mail server instead of the Hostgator smtp server.

Is it possible to configure Opencart to send & receive emails purely from my Hostgator's mail server only?

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