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Is this Events (script notifications) 2.1 working in opencart I tried to follow the instruction for setting the trigger as described in the document (application / type / folder / file / method / before or after) and it doesn't seem to work. Can someone give a working example of trigger and action for this new system? Thanks.

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Post by open4dev » Wed Jan 06, 2016 5:11 pm

I could not make it work either, at least not with the extra trigger parameter types.

I was only able to call a registered event listener using a normal route i.e. like:

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$this->model_extension_event->addEvent('my_theme', 'post.order.history.add', my_module/my_controller/my_method');
When the event post.order.history.add will be triggered, then the system/event will try to invoke a controller where:
- the application type is specified by the place where the event is being triggered (i.e. catalog for orders)
- the controller class is expected to reside in the folder: catalog/controller/my_module/my_controller.php. The class inside that file should be named with lowercase i.e. ControllerMy_moduleMy_controller and inside that class there should be a method named my_method that takes as many parameters as specified in the code when the event is triggered.

At least this is what I got so far.

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