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Hope I have the correct Forum!

Multiple currency.

Just setting up a V2 Opencart (Currently test site only) at:

I couldn't find a suitable extension, but any advise or direction most welcome.

There my be something there that I missed, or something that users can recommend that will suit me.


My Opencart will be connected to an Australian bank, and all transactions are processed in Australian Dollars.
Most products are retailed in AUD, but some buying and selling prices are in USD, and some in Euros.

I carry a global range of Electronic hardware and software products, and buy and sell in many countries.
I may buy a product at $75USD, and sell it at $100USD. I don't need to know the value in AUD, and I don't want to keep changing the price on my web page daily to keep up with the exchange rate, I simply want to grab the daily exchange rate as Version 2 does, so that the correct amount in AUD goes into my bank.

I also do the same with Euros.

All transactions will be done in AUD, however I want to fix the retail price in AUD, USD, or Euros, then do the conversion from current updated exchange rate, so that the selling price in AUD is the one used for the transaction.

Otherwise I would need to manually change the price of many items daily.

Hope someone can assist.

Thanks in advance,

Cheers Don...

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