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What arguments would you use to persuade a client to upgrade from 1.5 to 2?

He's not keen!



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Post by EvolveWebHosting » Tue Oct 06, 2015 10:32 pm

1) Bug Fixes
2) Security Fixes
3) Faster
4) Responsive front and back
5) All of the additional features out
6) 1.5.x is going to die off sooner than 2.x!


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Post by IP_CAM » Wed Oct 07, 2015 1:46 am

... to allow Extension Creators, to stay in Business, the Show must go on! :D
But, honestly, exept for Responsiveness, wich can be added to v.1.5.6.x without a problem, I have not been able to locate anything so far, looking much different, code-wise, on the Inside, plus, some of the old missing things, like simple width/height image Tags, do still not exist. Or an built-in Option, to change from INSIDE /CSS/JS/Image Linking to SubDomain Hosting/Adressing, in order to speed up overall Performance, is missing as well.

Worse, trying to add a simple external Image Link somewhere, by Use of the build-in Editor, makes one wonder, why filtering has been made so tide, that a simple thing like this is not longer possible, by default.

And due to the FULL 'Intergration' of (responsive) Bootstrap CSS-Styling, it leaves less or no Chances, to individually re-create Parts of the Layout, without fundamentally learning and so understanding of the basic OC2 Layout Setup first.

And when it comes to Performance, I really don't see a great progress, compared to v.1.5.6.x, it even takes just about the same Modifications, to make it work, as it should, and could, by default, I assume: ... 60#p583760

But I don't want to play destructive, or critical, in any way, it's not my Business, after all. I just figured, to repaint your sunny, sky-blue ALL WELL DONE Message a little... ;D

Nothing personal, just Facts!
And if you don't hear me anymore here, I probably got banned, because of this... :P

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