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My workflow is as follows:

Catalogue --> Product --> Add to cart --> Checkout --> PayPal --> Thank you page.

I am using an extension that modifies the Thank You page by adding any HTML and/or JavaScript.
I am going to add a custom form to the thank you page.
This form collects data for a customer management system (external web application).
I'll be passing the order ID to the customer system and receiving back an internal identifier that needs to be added to the order.

The further workflow is:

Thank You page --> form submission to customer management system --> internal identifier generated --> passback to php file on OpenCart site --> update order status and add internal identifier to order

So, I have 2 questions...

1. Is it possible to add a custom field to the order that is left empty when the order is placed.
2. Is it possible to use a PHP script to update the order

For item 2, the update to the order should operate in such a way as to preserve the order status update emails (the customer should get an email when the order is updated) and the internal identifier loaded in the custom field should be present in the export spreadsheet of the order table.

I would be delighted with 2 responses:

1. Yes, here are the basic steps, or extensions you can use
2. Yes, I can write the code for you and the prices is $xxx

Thanks in advance



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Either solutions you'd like to use would rather be suggested to be done over jQuery / JSON rather than PHP file during the confirmation step rather than filling the form in the checkout success whenever there are empty order values involved. This methodology avoids the manual tasking on the store-front end while the operation can be done in the backend.

While your request may be doable, it may require minor tweaking to the codes in order to accomplish this.

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